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"I met Tyra on my second day of trying yoga!  I wasn’t completely sold on the whole idea of yoga until I met her! Tyra is very authentic and passionate about teaching and practicing. You can always tell how much effort a teacher puts in prepping for a class and with Tyra you could tell she took the time to form her sequences and of course make them personal. I always walked out of her classes feeling physically and mentally complete! She is amazing and making personal connections on and off the mat you will never walk away from one of her classes unsatisfied. - Brittany Jones,  29, Denver, Colorado 

“I look forward to Tyra’s teaching every time, knowing I’m going to walk out feeling grounded and inspired! She brings an energy into the room that allows you to feel safe and light. Ever since I discovered the power of her classes, I feel my body and mind has strengthened. She is not just a teacher, she gives amazing genuine support and guidance. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WOMAN” - Blanye Planit, 25, New York, New York 

About 2 years ago a friend dragged me to a Yoga Sculpt class at CorePower Yoga in Kansas City, MO. I had no interest in yoga, and I wasn’t really excited about it. That class was so hard! I knew I was NEVER coming back. But, I found myself craving how strong that class made me feel. So the next time I went, I ventured by myself and wound up in Tyra’s class. It was amazing!! She was strong and funny and there was just something about the way she ran that class that made me keep coming back. She was incredible! I loved how Tyra always was always encouraging us and pushing us. Because of Tyra’s encouragement I decided to sign up for teacher training. I just celebrated my year of teaching last month. I try to run my class the way Tyra did. Encouraging...powerful...

fun. I want to be the teacher for others that Tyra was for me. I miss her all the time. I know I do her proud in my class.- Megan Lynch, 40, Kansas City, MO 

“Tyra is an amazing yoga teacher, so authentic, dynamic and accepting. You get out of her class feeling good about yourself and empowered. Her manual assistance helped me sharpen my body awareness so much.
Also, Tyra is passionate about history/stories of yoga, and she’s always down to share her knowledge in class or outside of the class. -
Aurele Roy, 26, Paris, France